Cooler Temps and Thunderstorm Activity | Forecast 6/27-7/1

Hi fellow wanderers,

While last week was hot hot hot, it is relatively cooler this week. AND! There are more possible thunderstorms in several places around the country. I tell you when it will happen in the video above.

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More Heat for the Week and A Scorcher for the Southwest

Hi everyone!

It was hot hot hot this weekend in both the Denver area and around the country. For most, expect temps in the 80s and 90s for Monday. But that is not the case for the Southwest.

There is a Heat Advisory for Southern Nevada and Arizona. Vegas and Phoenix will see temps of 115 for Vegas and 111 for Phoenix. Although it is not unusual to see those temperatures in both of those places (trust me, I am from Vegas) it could potentially break the record for hottest temperature on June 20th. That being said, stay cool out there, stay hydrated and be safe.

And from bad to good! We have a new set!!!! This is our very first forecast in front of a green screen. I hope you enjoy it and please give us a subscribe by clicking the button at the end of this video.

Enjoy your week! I will be back Wednesday with a video about why in the world is is hot before summer officially starts.

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Hottest Day of The Year for Father’s Day

Wow! It is going to be a hot one for this Father’s Day weekend.

Yep, Denver is going to experience the hottest day of the year to date this weekend. I give you more info in this weekend’s forecast.

Chance of Severe Weather? Work Week Forecast June 13-17

For the first time in my meteorological career, there is a chance for severe weather all over the country. One of those places just so happens to be the Denver-Metro area.

As always be weather aware for today and take precautions. I have the details of what will happen in this week’s work week forecast.

Work Week Forecast June 6-10

Good morning all!

Hope you had a great weekend! I am starting up my forecasts again, but this time on video!

For this week, expect a thunderstorm or two to pop up around the Denver Metro area with highs in the upper 80s and 90s.

I have more in the video above.

**I will be doing a weekend forecast that will be posted on Fridays. Also, I will be doing a national forecast eventually. Comment below and tell me where you are from (US only) and I will make sure to focus on those areas.

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Denver Area Forecast: 4/22/16


Howdy everyone!

You know what all that red means on the map above?! It is going to be in the 70s this weekend!

Yep, following last week with the bitter cold and snow…we have sunshine in the forecast for this weekend! But beware, some more cloudy weather may be ahead for the next week. I’ll keep you posted as always on this blog.

So here is what your forecast for this weekend:


Friday: High of 68


High: 73

Low: 49



High: 67

Low: 44



The Metro area will benefit from what remains of a high pressure system. You can see it plotted in the map below:

Pic 1.png

As you recall, the reason for last weekends snow storm was a low pressure system that came from the Pacific Northwest. That low, by the way, has almost worked its way to the East Coast by now. Friends on the East Coast, you will have some stormy weather to contend with this weekend.

But true to the way things go in the atmosphere, the high pressure system has taken over and high pressure= gorgeous sunny weather in springtime. And with the high pressure and more clear skies brings more solar radiation which brings warmer temps to our area.

You can see temperatures plotted on the GFS 40 model below that most of Eastern Colorado will receive 70s on Saturday! Some of Southern Colorado will see 80s too (white color)


But this nice weather may end soon. We have another low pressure system that may affect our weather in the next week. As seen in the picture below, a low will form over Montana and Wyoming at the beginning of next week. We are at the bottom of the low in Colorado, but it could very well affect us soon. Some models are projecting almost an inch of rain on Tuesday, but I like to have caution and will say we won’t get much rain in the beginning of the week.

Pic 2

I will be keeping an eye on the weather as always this weekend. I will have more on your next work week on Sunday.

Until then, enjoy the sunshine!



Denver Forecast 4/17/16


Snow snow go away, come again some other day. Actually, we are nearing the end of our snowy weather!

At least, that’s what the models say for now…..


As you can see above, it won’t be long until we get a reprieve!

Currently, the low pressure system that ended up dumping on us for the lest few days has turned into a high pressure system. In other words, the storm that is sitting over us is going to move!

Monday: 37/27 Slight Chance of Rain

Tuesday: 48/31 Slight Chance of Rain

Wednesday: 56/34 Sun!!!!!

Thursday: 62/36 Sun!

Friday: 66/43 Get your tan on because sun!!!


So let’s talk about the low pressure system that hit us, shall we?

That low brought in a lot of moisture to the Denver-Metro area. I’ve heard a little over an inch of moisture hit our area. Which, I don’t have to tell you, is always welcome here.

Snow totals ran pretty high, like in the high country. Conifer, Nederlands, Evergreen….they all got dumped on! More than 2 feet of snow in some places! But in the Denver-Metro area, some saw as low as 5 inches. So, as far as the total that the models said was going to happen last Thursday, it was pretty dead on.

Which brings me to this week….

Currently we are sitting in what us meteorologists call a “blocking pattern.” A blocking pattern is a series of low and high pressures that basically align themselves in just the right way, that we stay in the same weather for a long period of time. I took a picture of it, but for some reason, now the media file which holds all my pictures isn’t working. It’s amazing how technology can get in the way sometimes!!!

So lucky for us, this blocking patter over us is going to get broken and we will start seeing those gorgeous spring-like days here soon!

I hope you all enjoy your week.

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