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Every once in awhile, I get scientist-y (is that a word?) here on Weather Wanderings. Especially when big weather events are happening. It also doesn’t hurt to talk about these things when I am doing discussion in class.

So let’s get right down to it. Starting with the most pressing matter: another Hurricane.

Hello, Matthew!

As you can see from the photo above, there’s a new Hurricane in town and this one’s name is Matthew. This storm was upgraded to a hurricane as of 2 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

At this moment, models predict the hurricane will move northward, pass Florida and possibly continue into the Atlantic Ocean, away from the US. Be forewarned, there’s still a lot that could go on in the next couple of days that would affect the storm’s path.

For more information about the Hurricane, click here

Now onto other severe storms:

Severe Storm Activity in Virginia:

One of the scary things about weather, it can go crazy at night!

Take a look at the discussion below. A thunderstorm with some rotation popped up around 7pm Eastern near Charlottesville, VA on 9/28/16. (Note: no tornado confirmed). However, I did look and some warnings were issued for this storm.

So, want to see what goes in to evaluating if a storm is severe? Here’s the very short discussion I wrote for my radar and satellite class. Enjoy!


1) Using Base Reflectivity 0.5 degrees (Figure 1), the first intense radar echo was observed at 2357 UTC on 9/28/16. The echo was located south of the Charlottesville, VA METAR. This is Northwest of the KAKQ Radar Station.


(Figure 1)

2)The wind according to the Base Velocity 0.5 degree product as shown in Figure 2 indicated a southwesterly flow. The Charlottesville METAR verified this observation.

(Figure 2)
3) The EET product in Figure 3 indicated an echo top of 40,000 ft during the most intense precipitation period which is indicative of possible hail.

(Figure 3)

4)Using the NOH product to locate other hydrometers (Figure 4), the product shows that hail and graupel were present in the echo.

(Figure 4)
5) From the Storm Relative Velocity product in Figure 5, there was a storm with rotation located south of the Charlottesville METAR at 2357 UTC.


(Figure 5)


It Will Never Be The Same

A long time ago (in  a galaxy not so far away), I had a TV meteorologist who I used to work give me some advice on going back to school. The one thing she said to me that really stuck (besides, well going back to school would be tough. I mean that was pretty important too) was “The way you look at the world will never be the same.” And ya know, she was right.

Little did I know how right she would be. That now instead of just looking up at the skies and seeing clouds or watching it snow or even trying to calm my dogs down during a thunderstorm that I would see it all differently in just a year of meteorology school.

Now I see a entirely different world than the one we are currently living in. I see clouds being formed by evaporation from the Earth and oceans with so many little water droplets being suspended in the air. I see layers of the atmosphere that each have their own characteristics that make them so unique. Like in this Skew-T screenshot I took a few days ago.


It may look like squiggly lines and numbers to the untrained eye but this tells weather folk about different levels of the atmosphere, it’s temperature, the winds in each layer and even where the possibility for precipitation will occur or even how spinny (yes, spinny. Don’t shake your head at me.) a storm could become (i.e. tornado).

Instead of it being breezy or so windy it could knock you and your loved one over, I not only think, we should really get inside, I wonder where did the wind come from and where is it going? Is it just winds traveling from high to low pressure or is part of a front too?

wind pic

Pic from a website that not only shows you where the winds are blowing on a map but also how fast they are going. You can see all the current winds in the world and where they are headed.

And even while I lay here in bed, writing this to you, and wondering if the symptoms from my migraine will ever end, I feel joy from looking outside my window at the clear blue sky and knowing that we are currently in a high pressure system.

No matter what happens with people or your day or even what will happen in the future, there is an entire world going on around you that is so complex and beautiful. And I am really lucky I get to study it.

So yes, she was right. It isn’t the same. And I don’t ever want to go back. So thanks for the advice!

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Nature is Calling


Hi everyone!

I’m done with my semester! Yay! There is so much to do now that I have free time! I am hoping to upload as many blogs as I can. I want to say there will be something on this site two times a week while I am on break. So I hope you enjoy what I am cooking up for you!

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So, now that I have all this free time….what is a girl TO DO?! Well besides working on my blog, I am returning back to one of my loves (besides seeing my husband more which is a plus!): I am heading back outside!

It started a few mornings ago when I woke up. As my eyelids just started to open, I thought I needed two things: Mountains and fresh air! I live in the perfect place for this. For heaven sakes, I live in an area where we are at one of the highest elevations in the country and every once in a while, I can see the Rockies. It is time to go out and play!!!


I never thought much of the outdoors when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I moved up to the Pacific Northwest for a bit to pursue a degree in Broadcasting that I found out I love the forest. I have talked about how much I love the outside in a previous post but I can say it again, I can’t get enough of the stuff. And now, I’m hooked! What was once a luxury loving and stay-indoors-type of girl from Las Vegas has turned into a mountain girl in the Rockies! Never say never to finding new loves right?

A few days ago, my husband fed my need by taking me on an outdoors photoshoot. So, all these photos are what the Denver-metro area was like last weekend. Even though most of this area is now buildings, I can still find bits and pieces of beauty here.


Now I need your help. I need ideas of what I should do in this winter weather well I am a free woman. Tell me what you like to do outdoors! And leave me a message so I can talk back to you. Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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Why do the leaves change in autumn?

DSC_0172 (2)

Ohhhhh yeaaah!!! Bring on the boots, the scarves, the fall leaves and the pumpkin spice everything! (I’m actually drinking a pumpkin spice tea as I write this haha.)

My favorite season is here!  Fall arrived in Colorado!

A few weeks ago, my family and I went up to Guanella Pass, Colorado to see all the pretty leaves changing. All the pictures in this blog are from that trip.

Guanella Pass is more in Central Colorado, about an hour’s drive away from the Denver-Metro area. A lot of people come up there from the city during the fall so they can see all the pretty colors. There wasn’t a stop that we had to ourselves. There were at least two other cars full of people at every outpost. But it doesn’t matter, I get to be outside!

DSC_0175 (2)

But, all the pretty leaves make me wonder as a future meteorologist. What exactly, makes the leaves change? Believe it or not, I found a few weeks ago from another meteorologist, Cory Reppenhagen, who works for the ABC local affiliate here in Denver. Here’s his story to explain: