Here’s to another new beginning


(The Weather Lab at my school)

Hey guys,

It is the start to a school semester. I could go on and on….blah blah blah…. about starting school again in the fall and how nervous I am and excited to see friends, but this start is a little different for me.

A lot of things have happened in the span of the spring semester to the fall semester. (Yes, I got highlights. Thanks for noticing 😉 ) At the end of the spring semester, I got sick. Like really sick. Like so sick my family and I were questioning whether I would return to school. The good news is I made it through and was able to take one class during the summer. I even passed Calculus 2!!!!!! (That’s a miracle in itself)

But you can’t blame me for being a little nervous to get back in the saddle in the weather lab (pictured above). I love weather with everything in me. I wish I would have studied it sooner. But that lab, there’s just something about it where I feel like I need to attack the tasks in there and prove to myself that my illness didn’t own me.

I didn’t mean to get all deep. Just thought I would share amongst friends.

Wish me luck! And oh, if you are starting school tomorrow too, best wishes and go get ’em!