I’ll Be Back!

Hi friends,

If you’ve been following my blog and posts for some time now, you might be wondering….. WHERE THE HECK DID SHE GO?!

Well, I didn’t disappear. Just Calculus II took over my soul and now I have been figuratively chained to my desk studying for it. (If you’ve taken the course, you definitely get what I’m going through.)

So long story short, I will be blogging again shortly….I appreciate your patience and please send caffeine!!!!

Hugs and kisses


(Caution: I may be staying up late tonight and studying right now as I am writing this post. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!)


Several Fires Still Not Out in Colorado

Hello folks!

It has been quite the sad weekend here in Colorado. We’ve had several wildfires here and unfortunately, many of them are not contained.

For this video blog, I decided to do a recap of all the fires currently burning and what I knew as of Sunday night. Please watch the video, give it a like and subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date when we post these videos.

I will be back on Wednesday to let you know the most up to date information about each of these fires. I will also be talking about how weather can contribute to wildfires spreading.

See you on Wednesday,


Making Your Heart Sing



Hi all,

Happy 4th of July weekend!

I’m taking a break this weekend from forecasts and videos to do something I haven’t done in awhile: write a blog post.

For this post, I want to talk about making your heart sing. What does that mean exactly? Well, let me tell you.

When I was younger, I was very fortunate to have a mom and grandparents who encouraged me to explore what I loved. My mom cheered me on at school and always made me do my best (not in an overbearing way at all, more that she taught me that you should always do the right thing and give it 100%. Sadly, not all people have this skill). My grandparents helped my mom while she had to work and always told me that I could do whatever I wanted. All of them told me to pursue it.

Lately I’ve felt that more often, my age group has come into a world where they’ve found, that that is not necessarily true. I recently came across an article on Snapchat talking about not letting society crush your dreams. It was an article from a person who graduated college at the same time I did, in 2011 in the middle of the recession. He talked about something I experienced: that you got out of school and times were so hard for someone starting their future that many people took jobs they didn’t want just to make ends meet. I didn’t take a job I didn’t want. I was lucky and ended up in the career field I wanted. Just when it came time for me to realize that there was still something else I wanted to do in my life, it was the mentality that you just have to put up with whatever to make ends meet that kept me there. I am always grateful for the employment opportunities my old jobs gave me, I’m just sad that when I left, I kept that mentality going for a very long time. The mentality of, “your an adult now. You have to work. Life isn’t fun most of the time but every once in awhile you get to do something you enjoy.”

I have to say, that is a soul sucking mentality. For me, that mentality radiated into everything. How I handled my finances and how I approached fun even. But I am here to tell was not a healthy way to approach my life. I’m not saying not be responsible by any means. Just to find balance.

I recently started to break out of that shell and to do just as much responsible things as fun things. Because before my ratio was 90% responsible and 10% fun….maybe. Now my husband I try to keep it at 50-50.

One of the things we do now is to get out and hike every weekend. And we typically go to a different place every time. That way I get to be in the trees and dirt and sky and just leave all my stress there and not carry it around with me. I can’t tell you how cleansing it is to be out in the woods and just let your spirit take a deep breath. Plus, I get to spot many clouds and look at how beautiful the atmosphere is. It’s amazing to see the shapes that water vapor and wind make. It’s like a new painting every day.

And just to see how it all co-mingles together with the landscape. It really is like being put smack dab in the middle of an environment so beautiful. And just like a songwriter writes a song to help express how they feel, the outdoors is what makes my heart sing.

So, this holiday weekend. I encourage you to find out whatever it is that makes your heart sing. And then let that song never end.

See you in my next blog post,