Alright now folks……


(Radar pic from “My Radar App” of thunderstorm activity earlier today)

Hi all,

I should have gotten out this sooner…..however, a freak spring cold had me down for the count today. Now it is late at night and I HAVE to put my two cents in.

I was alerted to a Facebook post stating that the EURO model is forecasting a crazy amount of snowfall for the end of this week in the Denver Metro area. Like dozens of inches of precipitation…..

Although my job would get so much cooler by the end of this week, sorry folks, it isn’t time to learn how to convert into cubits and start gathering all the animals two by two. Or start pulling out the skis in this instance.

Let me start by first saying this, when it comes to predicting weather on any model, usually it is only good about 3 days out. Yes, some of our models are built to go out longer and some of the people on TV build out their forecasts to 7 days. Truth is, the reliability goes down the farther our forecast goes out. So any information about what happens 5 days from now is super sketchy.

Although, I am a fledgling meteorologist, my forecasting prof told us before we could even touch our computers that don’t trust the models 100%. Use your own knowledge and look at pretty much all the models you can to make your predictions. I have to tell my husband sometimes that I can’t just crank out a forecast in 10 minutes because I have a lot of stuff to look at before I make my deductions on what the weather is being like. So just having faith in one model is…….very silly. (Especially the EURO! Most folks are not even allowed to broadcast that!)

So, my letter of caution to you, the weather information consumer, is to question information if a meteorologist goes off about one model. Especially one with extreme projections.

Now as for this week (Sorry no pictures! I’m sick as a dog this week and hope to do better next week):




H: 56

L: 39


Sunny. Slight Chance of T-Storms later in the afternoon

H: 67

L: 43



H: 72

L: 48



H: 73

L: 48


Rainy: Up to an inch of water equivalent

H: 64

L: 48


As always, if I see anything crazy in the coming days, I will keep you abreast on here. Goodnight everyone! I’m gonna go crack open another box of tissues and head to bed.

Until then,






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