Denver Area Forecast: 3/22/16

UPDATE (9:45 p.m. MDT): 

BLIZZARD WARNING in effect for the Denver-Metro area. National Weather Service estimates 6-12 inches  overnight. Will cause issues for the morning commute Wednesday morning. Please be safe and weather aware.




It may seem sunny now, but just you wait, Denver, it is going to get chilly!

Yes, snow will replace the warm sunshine for those who live in the Denver-Metro area, probably overnight or Wednesday morning. I’m going to be conservative with the snow totals for this blog and say that we will get less than an inch.

With the change up in the weather, there will also be an increase of winds. Some meteorologists and models I have seen so far say gusts of approximately 40 mph.

But the good news is, it starts to heat up a smidge and we will see more stereotypical spring-like weather on Thursday and Friday with a chance of showers on Friday.

Hope all is well and as always be safe and weather aware.

Until then,


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