I found my weather “thing”

wind pic

(picture from a website showing all the winds in the United States. This is right over Colorado. P.S. Follow me on Instagram! @megmontgo)

Good afternoon everyone!

Yes, it has been awhile. Almost over a month! That’s pretty insane to think a month has gone by.

So what’s new with me? Well, besides crazy health problems, I am in the thick of my semester. And I found my weather “thing”!

What do  I mean by “thing”? It isn’t just something reserved for Dr. Seuss. Usually in the meteorology community, everyone likes one aspect of weather. I have a friend who is into forecasting for wildfires, another who is crazy into snow, another likes climatology and we have a professor who is into weather instrumentation. I never knew that meteorology was so multi-faceted until I started hanging out with fellow weather nerds.

So, what’s my thing? I am really into wind!

I think is the coolest thing in the world and it has so many applications. Wind moves based on pressure and temperature and helps even out the Earth’s atmosphere. Wind data can tell you if a front is moving through, where a high and low pressure system is forming (tells you the difference of where storms will be and who will have a clear day), and can even be applicable with severe weather.

Here are some interesting facts about wind:

  • Last week, there was a gust in Monarch Pass, Colorado that was more than 140 miles per hour! To find out how that happened, read this article from Dr. Marshall Shepard.
  • The record for highest wind speed is 231 mph at Mount Washington, New Hampshire
  • A instrument that measures wind speed is anemometer.
  • The fastest wind speed in a tornado was measured to be 318 mph in 1999.

I hope you all enjoy these facts and are blown away (sorry, I had to!) by all these facts!

Until then!





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