Great Meteorology Videos To Watch

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Welcome to the start of another week. If you are on the east coast, I really hope you are safe and warm! This snowstorm is pretty much everything it should be and I am really thankful to all of those in the meteorological community who warned about it because it could have been a lot worse.

I was thinking about what I like to do when I am shut in due to inclement weather. What I like to do is watch lots and lots of Youtube videos all about weather! So, I decided to make a playlist of all the good weather-related videos I have seen out there by other science nerds on the internet (because let’s face it, I like to share cool stuff from other people too!). Click here and it will take you to my Youtube page. Scroll to the bottom and it will take you to the meteorology video playlist.

Here’s a taste of some of the videos that I have on my playlist:

  • What Causes Stripey Clouds?
  • How Rainbows Form
  • How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth
  • What’s the Difference Between a Solar and Lunar Eclipse?
  • And many more!

I hope you all enjoy this playlist. I will update it as I see more and more. And please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to keep up to date on all weather videos.

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Why is there a big snowstorm coming to the Northeast?

Hi everyone!

So if you hadn’t heard already, there is a huge snowstorm predicted to drop on the Northeast, especially in the Washington D. C. area. If you are a big weather nerd like me, you might like to know why forecasters are calling it a big one and also how it forms. This is probably the best article I know that explains the science behind the big upcoming winter weather event:

Washington Post: “Why this incredible snowstorm is so potent.”

Also, if you happen to live in the Northeast, please take precautions. Stock up on food that will last you for a good while, make sure you have batteries for flash lights and an emergency plan just in case. And as usual, if it is not necessary to go out and drive, just stay at home.

I hope all of this was helpful!

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How Snowflakes Get Their Shape

You’ve heard no two snowflakes are the same but did you know the reason is it all depends on the weather outside?

I researched what goes into the shape of each snowflake and why. And it has to do on several factors. But, did you know that there are actually FOUR different types of shapes to each snowflakes?

Watch my new video above to find out. Click here to go directly to my channel for more videos.

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