What a Year!


Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Festivus! My Christmas was very fun and so full of family and friends. I am very grateful for them all.

Now that the end of the year is upon us, I started thinking about what happened in 2015. And everything that happened was awesome! I would like to thank all my readers! You have really made blogging fun and I love talking to you all.

Here’s a recap of what happened to me this year. Some are weather related and some are not. But I am happy to share it all with you!

I started school and started pursuing a career in meteorology! 


Never ever did I think I would head back to school and do something new with my life. For years, I had a career in TV and journalism but I was looking for something more. I always knew I was good at earth sciences and geography so who knew I would find a new love of meteorology!

I started my term as the student member of the AMS Broadcast Board. 

AMS Seal

When I started school, I really really wanted to be a part of the board who issues the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation. Now I am working with them and I am having a great time! Can’t wait to share more AMS things with you!

I traveled to two different cities. 

Raleigh Conference Center

I went to Raleigh, North Carolina for the AMS Broadcasting Conference


and I visited my hometown. Las Vegas, Nevada

Explored the outdoors 


This picture just says it all. I love you, Colorado! I go to go camping a lot this year and I also hiked my first 14er! I became one with the outdoors and I am not sorry about it.

Conquered my fear of math. 


When I started going to school, there was one fear I had to get over quickly. And that was math! Now, Calculus ain’t so bad! And numbers aren’t so scary.

Started my blog and Youtube Channel! 


This has to have been one of the most fun things I have done all year! I started this blog and I started my Youtube channel, Weather Wanderings! If you haven’t subscribed yet to my channel, do it now! I post all kinds of fun videos up there all the time all about weather, science, meteorology and coming soon: travel vlogs! Click here to go to my channel right now.


Picked up a hobby or two


Oh you know, just having fun with my bow 😉 Pretty cool to learn something new this year.

Adopted a puppy. 


Because she’s cute! And our other doggie needed a playmate badly. She is such a good addition to our family and I am glad I am a rescue mommy.

Celebrated one year of marriage. 


And I am really really happy to have found the one person who really gets me and is my best friend. I’ve never been more happy until I found him.

And made so many friends! 

Happy New Year from Weather Wanderings and here is to the best year yet: 2016! I hope you had a great year and that this year brought you much happiness and joy.

See you next year!




Nature is Calling


Hi everyone!

I’m done with my semester! Yay! There is so much to do now that I have free time! I am hoping to upload as many blogs as I can. I want to say there will be something on this site two times a week while I am on break. So I hope you enjoy what I am cooking up for you!

**Also, before I forget, I started a Youtube channel! It is called Weather Wanderings (after my blog of course). I talk about weather, my adventures and travels and a little dash of my personality comes out in there too. It is my way of sharing my life with you visually. So check it out today and don’t forget to give it a like or subscribe! Click here to go directly to the page.

So, now that I have all this free time….what is a girl TO DO?! Well besides working on my blog, I am returning back to one of my loves (besides seeing my husband more which is a plus!): I am heading back outside!

It started a few mornings ago when I woke up. As my eyelids just started to open, I thought I needed two things: Mountains and fresh air! I live in the perfect place for this. For heaven sakes, I live in an area where we are at one of the highest elevations in the country and every once in a while, I can see the Rockies. It is time to go out and play!!!


I never thought much of the outdoors when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I moved up to the Pacific Northwest for a bit to pursue a degree in Broadcasting that I found out I love the forest. I have talked about how much I love the outside in a previous post but I can say it again, I can’t get enough of the stuff. And now, I’m hooked! What was once a luxury loving and stay-indoors-type of girl from Las Vegas has turned into a mountain girl in the Rockies! Never say never to finding new loves right?

A few days ago, my husband fed my need by taking me on an outdoors photoshoot. So, all these photos are what the Denver-metro area was like last weekend. Even though most of this area is now buildings, I can still find bits and pieces of beauty here.


Now I need your help. I need ideas of what I should do in this winter weather well I am a free woman. Tell me what you like to do outdoors! And leave me a message so I can talk back to you. Looking forward to hearing your comments!

Until then,


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More Snow on the Way for Denver?


Hi everyone!

Boy, it has been a crazy day in the Denver-Metro Area! Basically, we were hammered with more snow than expected over night. The storm left more than 10 inches in some places (We got 10 inches at my house).

The system really impacted our area. A lot of cars slid of the road (It is still icy as I write this) and a lot of businesses closed early. It was pretty much a snow day for the whole city.

So what does that mean for the rest of the week? I did a forecast for the area in the video above and hint: there may be more snow on the way!

Hope you all are very safe and warm tonight! There will be a video blog posted on Friday and I think another written blog tomorrow.

Leave me a comment 🙂

Until then,


Blogs I follow

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a lovely start to your week. Mine’s a little busy because I have finals this week!!!! Ugh I can’t wait to finish the semester.

Since I will not be able to film a vlog until the end of the week (I have so many planned! I can’t wait to show you!), I would like to leave you with two weather blogs I like to read so you can check them out for yourself!

  1. The Vane: This blog is hosted by Gawker but is written by a person who has a lot of meteorological insight. Plus I like the sarcastic tone! It is meant for those who want to read about weather nationwide and some times about topics in space!
  2. Weather 5280:  I was turned on to this blog but a female TV meteorologist at a sportsman convention (of all places!). This blog talks about only weather in the Denver-Metro area. I’ve met the guys who write the entries personally (one of them is currently teaching one of my weather classes) and I trust their judgement about weather. Very good read if your are curious about Colorado Weather!
  3. AMS News you can Use: I don’t have a link to this one because you have to be an AMS member to get it. The folks at the American Meteorological Society compile a list of weather articles that show up in the main stream media and email it to you. You can find some good stuff in there from time to time.


I wish you all a wonderful rest of your week. It is now time for me to hit the books. Talk soon!

Until then,