Happy Thanksgiving/ My Crazy Mold Experience

Happy Thanksgiving one and all! I hope you are all enjoying the festivities today! I know my house most certainly will be filling up on lots and lots of turkey and all the other yummy things.

Have you ever had a time where you were extremely thankful for one thing in your life? It could be your kids, your family or your job. This year I am most thankful for my health!

You see, as of this summer, I started dealing with a crazy mold issue. I found out that the carpet in our home is super contaminated with mold spores! Not like a normal level (which is in the 10,000 range), but in the very unhealthy high level (2 million mold spores per affected room!) This problem also led to really bad health problems this year including having a hard time breathing!

At this point, you might be asking, “This is a weather blog. How does this relate to weather?” Well believe it or not, it is a meteorological issue! I didn’t know this until I hired an air quality specialist to come to my house and do an air quality study on my home. Turns out, the specialist is a meteorologist and has a PhD in Atmospheric Science! Yet another tie in to weather and meteorology!

I decided to talk about this problem at full length in my video blog above. I also talk about what I did to help get rid of it because I found that there is very little information out there about mold exposure.

I hope you all enjoy the video and your day!

Until then,



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