All the Different Types of Meteorologists


(Irene Sans, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. I met her!)

I didn’t know this until now. But now it makes complete sense!

Did you know that meteorologists work in other fields than just the National Weather Service or on TV? Neither did I.

For some reason, I’ve been introduced to a whole lot of mets  who work in fields I didn’t expect. And it is pretty cool that you can work pretty much everywhere.

It all started with a simple webinar a few months ago about Women in Weather. I mainly attended because I am a major fan of a particular TV meteorologist who was going to speak during the event. But little did I know that they would have mets from all sorts of fields there too!

Then a month ago, I met a meteorologist who does air quality and mold tests for businesses and homes and a handful of meteorologists last week at meetup who all know how to code and work as computer programmers and software developers. It’s amazing to me that there are a lot of jobs out there that need a meteorologists help.

So here are the jobs I have found mets work in so far:

  • TV, radio and other media outlets
  • National Weather Service and other forecasting agencies
  • Oil companies
  • Airline companies such as Southwest Airlines
  • The International Relations Office at the NOAA
  • For cities and states. (They need it so they know whether they are going to need snow plows during winter storms!)
  • FEMA for weather-related emergencies and wildfires.

So, now you know. Meteorologists are everywhere!

Until then,



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