Changing the public opinion about meteorologists

This week, I wanted to change up things a little bit and post an article I found was very informative about how we view tv meteorologists. It’s from a blog I read very often in Denver and it’s all about weather. It’s also by a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist who received the designation from an organization I am proud to be a member of (The American Meteorological Society). Enjoy!

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How I Trained My Arts Focused Brain

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a great start to September! As of Tuesday, Sept. 1, we started the meteorological first day of fall!!! It’s different from the astronomical in that a) it has a different date and b) it relies on weather patterns instead of the position of the earth.

Today I want to talk to you about a weird phenomena going on with my brain. I am naturally a right brained person. As you can see from the picture above, I am naturally very subjective, I look at wholes and I am intuitive. (It’s funny because the picture actually reminds me of my husband and I because he is very left-brained haha!) I can write essays no problem on a book I’ve just read, I can argue philosophy and I actually have a Bachelor’s of Arts right now. I am good at arts and I love it.

The weird thing is, now that I am pursuing a meteorological career, I’ve had to change the entire way I think about stuff. You see, meteorology is not just about telling you on TV whether or not it is going to be cloudy or not. It actually takes a lot of math and physics to figure out what will happen in the future. And it has been incredible to see how my thinking patterns have adapted to a “science-way of thinking.”

At first, I was a little intimidated when I decided to pursue a meteorological degree. I remember when I read the degree requirements and going “awwwww maaaaaannnnn there is so much math!!!” I liked math and physics and LOOOOVVVVVEEED Earth Science and Geography as a kid, but my whole life was focused more on the liberal arts than anything. But, when I found out that I’ve actually wanted to do weather my whole life (I really missed the weather section we would do for a week at school and have been obsessed with weather believe it or not), my attitude changed and I was willing to take the challenge.

The first few weeks of school were the hardest for me. Going back to math and learning about science was tough. But, slowly but surely a light switched on and I was able to do it! It was hard to adopt a new way of thinking. It was hard to sit and have patience to test things, to go through steps logically and not have someone tell me an answer. It was hard to see at first that math was useful for real life situations. But, here I am! I’m not afraid to step in a physics class with all the boys and give them a run for their money!

The lesson I’ve learned is you can change and you can accomplish your dreams no matter how scary things seem. If you didn’t do well at it before, maybe now is the time you can do it! And, my little pitch to girls out there who would like to do science but think it is a “man thing,” don’t be scared because you can do it! Even though life is hard…pushing towards your goals and making them happen now is much more rewarding.

Until then,