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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was a good one for me. I’m finishing my last week of the summer semester and studying like crazy for my final exams! Can’t believe the summer went so quickly.

Today, I want to talk to you about something I’ve been struggling with for a really long time. It’s about being myself. And the weird way I had an epiphany recently through social media.

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt like I had all sorts of people put me into a box and tell me what I should be. You should be more girly, you should dress better, you should have a lower voice, you should have a higher voice, you should play more sports, you should just stay inside, you shouldn’t joke around and the list goes on and on and on. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized I was trying to stay in all the boxes just because people told me that was who I should be.

But, as of the last few months, I’ve started to wonder who I really am.

So, like any person who is just trying to please the world, I reached out to find people I should be like. I’ve looked at a lot of celebrities. I started following all these fashion bloggers on Instagram, I started watching soooooooooo many makeup videos, reading other blogs, following pinterest boards and just, I guess researching who I should be.

And I did a lot of things that other people should say I should do. And the truth is, I didn’t like any of it! This wasn’t me, this isn’t who I am, and I felt so removed from anything I wanted to be. And I was not comfortable putting on a persona that people were going to reject anyway. And I looked silly doing it.

So, I’ve started to look within at things I loved as a kid and as an adult, little things I didn’t think the world would be okay with and I couldn’t be happier.

So here are three things I learned about myself:

1) I kind of have a tomboyish style! I love leather jackets and playing sports and love guy movies! I loooove watching football and going to watch games. And who doesn’t love a good pair of boots or being in the wilderness for days and getting dirty. It is fun!

2) With the tomboy stuff, I like girly things too! Yes, I have a bow, but you better believe while I am shooting it that my nails will be done. And if we are going to the sporting goods store, I will see stores like Sephora and Ulta and will have to be pulled away from them or else I will get stuck in there for hours. And I love pink and getting dressed up, oh and heels and shiny things and…. ok, I have to focus. haha!

3) I am light hearted and a dork and a nerd. I’m embracing the fact that I will never be one of the cool kids and that is fine with me. And I love to joke around! It’s just who I am. You might not find that I am funny, but at least I think some of the stuff I say is. And can I rattle off math equations and do physics? Can I watch Star Wars over and over again? Can I play hours upon hours of video games with my husband? Why yes, yes I can. Science and nerdy stuff is cool and I am proud that I am becoming a scientist!

So people, don’t join the dark side (see told you I was nerd) and just be okay with yourself. You will find that you will thank yourself for it. I did.

Until then,



2 thoughts on “Just Be Yourself

  1. Hey Megan! You new cousin by marriage here!!! After reading your little note I felt I should leave a little something for you. Honey I have struggled a good part of my life with this. Feeling like I was always trying to do what everyone else expected of me. Just makes you miserable. It seems the magic moment happened for me around the time of forty. I let my freak flag fly and I am happy. You sound an awful lot like me kiddo! I’m both Tomboy and Girly. I grew up playing with boys and cars and He-Man, Transformers, etc. I love comic books to death! Video games and pc games are awesome! But there are times when I want to dress up… though in my case I’d be just as happy dressing up in a fancy Rennaisance outfit or some great costume for Halloween. It’s great that you are having your epiphany at this age. You’ll be able to enjoy your life and how amazing you are! Remember to not let anyone tell you “who” you are! What makes you special is just being you. Hope you have an wonderful day just being all the “Megan” you can be!!

    Susanna Redman

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