Feels like home to me


Have you ever felt there is one place in the world that makes you feel like you are in your element?

For me that is the mountains. I don’t care if it is in the desert or up in the Rockies, I can’t get enough of it. There’s just something about it that makes my heart sing.

My husband I were talking about this yesterday when we went up to the Rockies to visit our friends at a Ranch my husband used to work for. When I go to a place where there are big rock formations, water and tons of pine trees, I just come alive. Who knows what it is but I just feel comfortable there.

Which leads me to another thought I’ve been having lately. I can’t believe how amazing nature and the world are. It is so different everywhere you go and each place has a personality. For instance, I was born and raised in Nevada and unlike the Rocky Mountains, It is hot and dusty and everywhere you look there are rocks (whether a big mountain or a little pebbles). In fact, where I used to live we would “decorate” our yards with them (as decorative as a rock can be).

Then there is the south. I recently went to North Carolina for a conference and the first thing that struck me is all the trees! I couldn’t look anywhere without seeing them. You would think a Coloradoan would not be surprised, but I have never seen those types of trees before.

The Pacific Northwest is also entirely different and it seems like Mountain life is pretty much integrated into everything you do. I can’t go to the grocery store without driving through a meadow with lots of pine trees everywhere.

But, I have to say, my heart lies with the Rockies. There is just something I adore about them. Maybe it is the snowcapped mountains, maybe it is the fact that my allergies don’t act up there, or maybe it is just the sheer beauty that surrounds you when you are there. Whatever it is, I am happy to call it home.

Until then, -M

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