Just Be Yourself

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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was a good one for me. I’m finishing my last week of the summer semester and studying like crazy for my final exams! Can’t believe the summer went so quickly.

Today, I want to talk to you about something I’ve been struggling with for a really long time. It’s about being myself. And the weird way I had an epiphany recently through social media.

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt like I had all sorts of people put me into a box and tell me what I should be. You should be more girly, you should dress better, you should have a lower voice, you should have a higher voice, you should play more sports, you should just stay inside, you shouldn’t joke around and the list goes on and on and on. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized I was trying to stay in all the boxes just because people told me that was who I should be.

But, as of the last few months, I’ve started to wonder who I really am.

So, like any person who is just trying to please the world, I reached out to find people I should be like. I’ve looked at a lot of celebrities. I started following all these fashion bloggers on Instagram, I started watching soooooooooo many makeup videos, reading other blogs, following pinterest boards and just, I guess researching who I should be.

And I did a lot of things that other people should say I should do. And the truth is, I didn’t like any of it! This wasn’t me, this isn’t who I am, and I felt so removed from anything I wanted to be. And I was not comfortable putting on a persona that people were going to reject anyway. And I looked silly doing it.

So, I’ve started to look within at things I loved as a kid and as an adult, little things I didn’t think the world would be okay with and I couldn’t be happier.

So here are three things I learned about myself:

1) I kind of have a tomboyish style! I love leather jackets and playing sports and love guy movies! I loooove watching football and going to watch games. And who doesn’t love a good pair of boots or being in the wilderness for days and getting dirty. It is fun!

2) With the tomboy stuff, I like girly things too! Yes, I have a bow, but you better believe while I am shooting it that my nails will be done. And if we are going to the sporting goods store, I will see stores like Sephora and Ulta and will have to be pulled away from them or else I will get stuck in there for hours. And I love pink and getting dressed up, oh and heels and shiny things and…. ok, I have to focus. haha!

3) I am light hearted and a dork and a nerd. I’m embracing the fact that I will never be one of the cool kids and that is fine with me. And I love to joke around! It’s just who I am. You might not find that I am funny, but at least I think some of the stuff I say is. And can I rattle off math equations and do physics? Can I watch Star Wars over and over again? Can I play hours upon hours of video games with my husband? Why yes, yes I can. Science and nerdy stuff is cool and I am proud that I am becoming a scientist!

So people, don’t join the dark side (see told you I was nerd) and just be okay with yourself. You will find that you will thank yourself for it. I did.

Until then,



What’s Up with all the Math?


Hi everyone!

It’s been a incredible week for me! I just found out I was appointed as a student member of the American Meteorological Society Broadcast Board! Yay! I’ve been wanting to work with the AMS for a long time and I am so excited about this opportunity.

Now on to what I wanted to talk to you about…

I’ve been getting a lot of questions at school and from a lot of people who I meet about why do meteorologists need math. I mean, it doesn’t make sense why telling you whether it will be cloudy or rainy or extremely hot this week would need math, let alone up to Calculus 3 and differential equations. At least, my first impression before I started going to school was why can’t I just learn what certain weather types mean (my words at the time). I even talked to a bunch of my math major friends and even they wanted to know why meteorology students have to have math minors. So here’s why:

PHYSICS, PHYSICS and more Physics. Surprisingly, the only way meteorologists can figure out why weather works, moves and is created is through physics. And the way we know how to calculate physics problems and answer just basic questions is through math.

Here’s a great example of how Meteorologists use math to put together a forecast:


However, if I was a viewer, I would have no idea what in the world that means. So, TV meteorologists put it into easier to understand terms. I used to work at a TV station where the chief meteorologist would do a 2 minute easy-to-follow weather lesson in her forecast and it really helped me and my family members understand what was going on outside. I don’t view it as dumbing weather down, I view it as packaging something into a understandable package to inform viewers.

That’s my post for this week. Until then!


Feels like home to me


Have you ever felt there is one place in the world that makes you feel like you are in your element?

For me that is the mountains. I don’t care if it is in the desert or up in the Rockies, I can’t get enough of it. There’s just something about it that makes my heart sing.

My husband I were talking about this yesterday when we went up to the Rockies to visit our friends at a Ranch my husband used to work for. When I go to a place where there are big rock formations, water and tons of pine trees, I just come alive. Who knows what it is but I just feel comfortable there.

Which leads me to another thought I’ve been having lately. I can’t believe how amazing nature and the world are. It is so different everywhere you go and each place has a personality. For instance, I was born and raised in Nevada and unlike the Rocky Mountains, It is hot and dusty and everywhere you look there are rocks (whether a big mountain or a little pebbles). In fact, where I used to live we would “decorate” our yards with them (as decorative as a rock can be).

Then there is the south. I recently went to North Carolina for a conference and the first thing that struck me is all the trees! I couldn’t look anywhere without seeing them. You would think a Coloradoan would not be surprised, but I have never seen those types of trees before.

The Pacific Northwest is also entirely different and it seems like Mountain life is pretty much integrated into everything you do. I can’t go to the grocery store without driving through a meadow with lots of pine trees everywhere.

But, I have to say, my heart lies with the Rockies. There is just something I adore about them. Maybe it is the snowcapped mountains, maybe it is the fact that my allergies don’t act up there, or maybe it is just the sheer beauty that surrounds you when you are there. Whatever it is, I am happy to call it home.

Until then, -M

Nothing’s gonna stop us, nothing’s gonna stop us now….

Jefferson Starship

When I was a broadcasting student, it was a Gonzaga Television tradition to clap and sing along with  as it played in the background of one of our commercials. I know that song from front to end, especially the chorus because it just became a thing at the broadcasting building (If you don’t know that song, you are missing out. Stop now and youtube it! Here, I will even link the song.) Little did I know, that song has become my mantra for pretty much everything hard.

At least for me, right now I am facing getting a lot of school work done in a short period of time. I am one of those ambitious people who decided to take a lot of classes during summer semester, and boy can it be hard sometimes. For the last few weeks, I have been going to class in the morning, coming home, working on homework until midnight, sleeping until 2 a.m., doing more homework and repeating the cycle and I still feel like I am falling behind sometimes. It would be easier for me but the work involves historically difficult subjects like math (all the Calculus classes you can imagine) and physics.

But really, like anything in life, whether it be trying to find a new job, training for a race, buying a house for the first time, or just going through a really really hard day things will get difficult and you should never let something stop you from what you are doing.

One of my favorite quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt is “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

It makes me feel empowered to know that you can grow stronger just by feeling the heat (ha! Weather joke!) And as my husband says, “boy howdy is it freaking hot!” But I know I can get through it.

I also heard some quote on TV, (was it a psychologist? a pastor? I really don’t remember) that you will never feel right about something and in fact feel frustrated until you actually start working towards you dreams.

I know that is the truth because there have been many a time I have wanted to do something and got scared and chickened out. And until I started moving towards my dream (especially my career in weather and a few other miscellaneous things), I was not happy with myself deep down inside. In fact, I would look fine on the outside, but something was just rattling around in my head, wanting me to just accomplish one of my goals.

So, yes, it is hard. Life itself is hard. But I’m going to be strong and be shouting the lyrics to nothing is going to stop me now in my head until I accomplish my goals. And you should too. Don’t let something hinder you from taking the steps needed to achieve things beyond you wildest dreams. Don’t let fear or the risk of failure hinder you, because you won’t be happy unless you try.

So sing along just like me to Jefferson Starship when you are having hard times and remember, NOTHING”S GONNA STOP US NOWWWWWWW.

Until then,