The Start of Something Amazing

The start of something amazing…honestly, that is the only way I could put in to terms what I am going through right now. I’m happily working on a degree to become a meteorologist.

Believe it or not I’ve had a hidden obsession with weather my whole life. Growing up in Las Vegas, you can’t help but notice how hot it gets and tend to celebrate every time it rains. When I was younger, I was amazing at geography and math and when it came to learning about meteorological events in middle school, I soaked up as much as I can. And I finally found a way to do what I love.

I did get to meteorology in a very roundabout way. I started as a TV producer and eventually worked my way to becoming a newspaper reporter. But just the thought of forecasting and studying meteorology stuck in the back of my head for a really long time.

So, here I am. Absolutely thrilled to learn as much as I can and eventually work in a profession doing what I love.

For this blog, I hope to share my journey with weather with you through pictures and discussions and also share a little about me at the same time. Please feel free to join me in the conversation by posting in the comments section. I will respond, promise.

Until then,